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Dead Sturgeons Found Alive

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Huge Sturgeon


      This huge sturgeon was washed ashore on March 17, 2002 in the Tampa Bay area. It is the biggest sturgeon found in the area since 1897. Scientists are amazed by the find as it has been thought that sturgeon populations in the area have been near the brink of vanishing, and fish as large as this have been long gone.

       This massive fish is a forty year old female and was found with a very old tag on it, indicating that it may have been tagged and tracked before. There was also a small whole in the bottom of its stomach from a fisherman's spear, but this is very unlikely.

     Though the cause of death is still unknown, scientists believe that this fish died when it got lost while travelling to sturgeon spawning grounds. Scientists recovered about 10 pounds of ripe, high quality caviar worthed at about 6,500$ at today's market. Lucky find for the scientists. :)