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     The Loch Ness Monster has had beleivers believing and skeptics shaking their head for hundreds of years. I myself, believe that it is very possible for a small colony of aquatic reptiles to live in a large, deep, murky, Loch, yet will need a corpse or a live specimen to be a true, hard core believer. Here are some of the main reasons why others believe that Nessie is real.
     First of all, if you have read my article in "History of the Loch Ness Monster," you would know that the Loch Ness Monster has been around for hundreds of years. It has been a story passed down for generations by villagers living near the Loch.
     Secondly, skeletons of peliosaurs have been found in the Loch and on its shores. A peliosaur, if you do not know, is a large aquatic reptile which died with the dinosaurs. Most sea monsters are to look like it (long neck, little head, big body, etc.). This certainly helped the believers.
     Thirdly, with all the sightings of the monster (some are fake), especially the land sightings and the ones hundreds of years ago before the mass media phenomenon, just keeps kindling the fire of the believers. Surely not all of them are liars seeking publicity?
     Finally, mysterious aquatic reptilian sea monsters have been turning up all over the world. In Canada, we have three examples, Ogopogo, Chessie, and Champ. Native Americans living around these lakes have been telling tales of these monsters for thousands of years, so could they be a two and half thousand year long lie?
    So, is Nessie a lie, or is he/she/they is/are fake? Read on in EVIDENCE AGAINST!