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Mysterious Things II

The Lake Champlain Monster

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We have all heard about the Loch Ness Monster, but did you know that in North America, there also lies a sea monster? Between Vermont and Quebec, there is a large, dark, deep lake. In it, reportedly, lives a serpentine sea monster, much like that of Loch Ness. It has been documented since the 17th Century, by Samuel de Champlain, the lake's namesake, and has been a myth to the Native Americans for hundreds of years.

It was Samuel de Champlain, the famous French Explorer, who "discovered," the lake in 1609. That same year, he reportedly saw an unknown aquatic animal, 11 - 12 metres long. It was a dark mahogany, almost black, and look like an enormous snake. Of course, this fits nicely into the classic Sea Monster, snake or peliosaur like, yet it isn't like the other "Champ," sightings. More will be said about that later.

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